Actor Sarah Khan tied the knot with Falak Shabir in 2020 and has been receiving flowers from him since then.

One of the most beloved celebrity couples of Pakistan’s showbiz industry, Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir, appeared on Monday, for Valentine’s day special show.In the very first interview after their marriage, the star couple Sarah and Falak chatted with popular TV host Nida Yasir and shared insights while responding to fun questions put forward by the host.

The musician exposed that Khan’s actual plan was to refuse the proposal, and asked her father to do the word. Hence, when Falak spoke to her before the meeting and asked “If there is anything I should not be discussing in front of him”, Sarah warned “if Baba sits for more than 15 minutes with you, consider it a yes”.

Moreover, he disclosed that “Uncle stayed for over three hours… and Sarah was constantly telling him ‘Let’s go’.”

“Baba was someone very hard to impress, but he really liked Falak”, added Sarah Khan.

Furthermore, the 29-year-old mentioned having all the flowers she has gotten from Falak, “I save them in a diary with the date, which has been filled entirely.”

The loving husband did not fail to maintain the ‘flowers’ legacy on Valentine’s day and brought a red roses bouquet for Sarah Khan on her shoot location, and sang a song for her as well.