aur TV Network is an Islamabad-based Satellite Broadcast network of TV channels, initially comprising “aur LIFE” and soon to be launched “aur NEWS” . The word “aur” is from Urdu, meaning “more, in addition to and further”. It also means “towards”. Thus, “aur” represents an unending stream of events, happenings, ideas, themes, and concepts that we will bring to you. Our aim is to bring positivity to society and to provide relatable content for all age groups to gather them on one platform. We are striving to establish such a network that can set forth Islamic, and national values and social norms by keeping in deliberation social responsibility.

Ch. Abdul Majeed

Chief Executive Officer

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job and the determination that we have applied the best of ourselves to the task. I …….

Ch. Zohair Majeed

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Zohair Majeed graduated from Scotland and is currently working as CEO ZEDEM International, Cam construction and Faisal Town Group of companies………

Ch. Moazzam Majeed

Managing Director

Mr.Mozzam Majeed graduated from USA and currently leading as Managing Director at aur NETWORK. As a leader of a reputable media house, he…… 

Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry

Chairman aur TV Network

Syed Hassan Bukhari

Executive Head Content, Strategy & HR/O.D

Syed Haider Abbas

Executive Head of Operations